Wartenberg Wheel Chrome Plated pinwheel Stimulator for Couples 7.28”x1.18”x0.5” Stainless Steel Robert Wartenber

    29.99 12.99

    • The wartenberg wheel through the skin will produce a unique sense of tingling, when the tip slowly rolled over the body will bring you more fresh stimulation of the feelings. stimulate each of your sensory nerves, is a an indispensable fun tool. bring the goggles will be better
    • The wartenberg wheel has 22 metal thorns, bring a strong feeling of stimulation
    • The wartenberg wheel has hree anti-pulley, better to take,Smooth lines, beautiful shape
    • The wartenberg wheel is made of metal material, exquisite workmanship
    • Note: based on the principles of safety and voluntary. please grasp the intensity, pay attention to safety
    Artikelnummer: CR-392